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100 Coastie voices for climate change

Updated: Feb 18

100 Coastie voices for climate change

Is climate change affecting the way you hunt, fish, farm and mahi?

Worried about the fallout of climate extremes on your marae and urupā?

Maybe you work in a climate sensitive job like forestry?

We love it here on along Aotearoa's coastline, but we’ll need big changes to protect our way of life from extreme temperatures, rising sea levels and warming oceans.

That’s why He Pou a Rangi, The Climate Change Commission needs more coastie voices to inform its draft advice to the government as Aotearoa transitions to a thriving, climate resilient and low emissions future.

Submissions have opened e hika mā - and we’re hoping 100 coastie voices will be heard.

Find out more here about how rising sea levels may impact on your community

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